About Gaysian Third Space

Outside the clubs and beyond the apps, we aim to provide a Third Space—a community to share, discuss, and provide support for the unique experience of being Gay and Asian.

Getting Involved

There are many ways you can get involved in our community:


Gay Asians and Pacific Islanders represent a unique “double minority” population in many western countries—as gaysians, we are not only a minority in ethnic background but also in sexual orientation. Growing up and dealing with both institutionalized discrimination and the stigma against homosexuality can be an incredibly challenging and isolating experience. Unlike many of our friends who do not share the same minority status, many gaysians lack proper role models to learn from at a critical time during the development of their self-identities. In fact, for the vast majority, our first contacts with other gaysians and gay social groups are facilitated through dating apps and the clubbing/raving scenes. Yet too often, the apps and gay venues are platforms that prioritize physical beauty, instant gratification, objectification, and sexual prowess at the expense of deeper and longer-lasting connections.

In light of this reality, we created the Gaysian Third Space (G3S), an alternative global platform for individuals looking for Community. A Community that is a safe and supportive environment where members encourage each other to grow and mature as they explore their identities. A Community where we can share our stories and struggles on coming out, family, school/career, romance, body image, relationships, and other experiences that perhaps only fellow gaysians can fully understand. A Community that gives voice to our “multiple minority” experiences on timely issues, because our perspectives are valid and deserve to be heard. That is our vision for Gaysian Third Space.


2015: Fish and Jeffrey meet in September and, with input from friends in the community, develop a vision for G3S as a safe and welcoming community to support gaysians in the process of personal growth and identity formation. Fish and Jeffrey launch the Tumblr blog and the LINE chat group to curate an online collection of gaysian stories and to facilitate discussions.

2016: Anthony gets involved in the Tumblr blog as its first guest curator. Fish, Jeffrey, and Charles begin collaborating on The Gaysian Diaries. Fish and Jeffrey launch the G3S mentorship program. Fish and Jeffrey host the first in-person meetups in Los Angeles and San Francisco. These meetups mark the start of the G3S regional chapters in these areas.

2017: Andrew, Ethan, Anthony, and Charles start helping out as part of a newly expanded G3S administrative team. Andrew launches the G3S Facebook page as another way for members of our community to engage with each other. The LA chapter hosts monthly meetups, and the SF Bay Area chapter hosts quarterly meetups in SF. G3S members meet up throughout North America and East and Southeast Asia. Administrative team members maintain ongoing projects and lay the foundations for new long-term initiatives.

2018 in progress: Fish and Ethan officially launch the G3S website to document and enable discovery of G3S’s various projects in one location. The SF Bay Area chapter begins hosting meetups in the South Bay.

The G3S Team

Administrative Team

The administrative team volunteers their time to support and grow the G3S community and the broader Gaysian and LGBTQ+ Asian communities.

Website Maintenance Team

The G3S website is a group effort by members of our community:

  • Ethan set up the infrastructure and design and oversees website maintenance.
  • Fish developed website content and style.
  • Andrew created graphics used on the website.
  • Alvin, Thompson, and other members of our community provided valuable feedback.